Date(s) - 23/09/2016
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Dr Mark Rowe – A Masterclass in Wellbeing

September 23rd 2016 at IBEC Office, Baggot Street, Dublin

Duration: 1 day
Masterclass in Wellbeing Brochure

Mind Over Matters
If you are a business leader, you will appreciate the challenges of maintaining effective leadership. Leadership can be a very lonely place, particularly at the top. All world-class athletes have coaches and mentors to support their mastery – too often in business and in life, people are expected to do it all on their own. Dr Rowe believes it shouldn’t have to be that way!
He uses the interconnectedness of the four pillars – Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical – to create the neurobiology of elite executive performance and a biochemical blueprint for life success.
By looking at the outer environment we work and live in as well as the inner environment of thought, emotion and experience, Dr. Mark opens up the possibility of using experience as the basis to create systemic and sustainable improvements in your organisational effectiveness and your personal life.
Ibec Trainer – Dr. Mark Rowe

Dr. Mark Rowe, Medical Doctor, Author, Motivational Speaker on Health, Happiness & Wellbeing Wisdom. Dr. Rowe is quickly becoming one of the leading and respected voices in the area of Health, Happiness and Wellbeing Wisdom not only in Ireland but Internationally. Dr Rowe has an unbridled desire to change the reliance the world has on ‘a pill for every ill’ instead focusing on
positive empowerment and wellbeing management which he refers to as his Journey of Transformation. By incorporating his philosophy of wellbeing with his extensive medical experience, he facilitates lasting positive change in people and their organisations.
Ibec/Dr. Mark Rowe – A Masterclass in Wellbeing
Programme Outcomes: With over 35% of companies in the US investing in Personal Leadership through Wellbeing Programs, a wealth of evidence suggests this is paying off in terms of increased employee satisfaction (37%), reduced absenteeism and higher productivity. (Forbes 2016)
On completion of this Masterclass participants will have mastered their own prescription for enhanced levels of success, performance and personal fulfilment. You will have learnt the following:
• To become more of an active participant and leader in your own wellbeing  The Power of Meditation for leaders
• To understand the critical balance of positive & negative emotion for optimum performance
• Psychological fitness – what it is and why it matters for organisational success
• Understand the transformational power of belief and mind-set
• The power of habit and willpower – how to harness their potential
• Develop an approach to incorporating healthier options into your lifestyle and the benefits this brings
• Happiness – what it is, why it matters – a key unlock for your success
• Formulate your dreams and goals – set yourself a vision
• Develop your best possible future self by embracing the concept of Realistic Optimism
• Develop an understanding of the power of meaning and connecting to your purpose in life
Approach: This wellbeing masterclass is high energy, high impact. He takes you through a series of interactive, engaging and thought provoking topics that challenge you to appraise how you are showing up in life.
Who should attend? This full day masterclass is for those seeking to transform their lives. Are you living the life you pictured for yourself or are you still dreaming of something bigger but can’t step out of your everyday habits of life to make it happen? Here are some useful questions to consider when deciding whether this Leadership in Wellbeing Masterclass Programme is right for you:
 Do you believe in self-leadership?
 Are you someone who wants to work and play at an extraordinary level?
 Do you want to live in a world where people can dream big dreams and hold onto those
dreams; a world where people have the opportunity to reach more of their unique potential?
The masterclass is comprised of leading edge science and medicine; psychological & physiological based techniques, stories and exercises which are Dr Rowe’s secret to unlocking your prescription for happiness. This full day is activity based and is focused on experiential learning to equip the participants with the tools necessary that can be applied to your personal and working life. The key to this workshop is You.
 Do you want to transform your thinking, expand your happiness, reach more of your potential and achieve even greater levels of life success and significance?
If so, this course is for you.
Ibec/Dr. Mark Rowe – A Masterclass in Wellbeing
What has been said?
‘Dr Rowe left the audience better than he found them! That may sound like a strange statement but it is the best way I can think to describe his impact. It is one thing to educate and inspire folks to do better in their professions. Dr Rowe managed to make a room full of busy executives put their phones down for the day, pay attention and walk away with a desire to be better in their lives.’
Jenabeth Ferguson – VP Symposium Director – Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo
‘Dr Rowe’s speeches have received overwhelming responses and as a result he has been asked back many times. As one customer said, it was the best talk and lessons learnt, ever. I would encourage any organisation, large or small, if given the opportunity to invite Dr Rowe to speak for a truly generative, inspiring event.’
Heather Fennimore – Global President – Humanscale
‘The feedback from the session was excellent, employees loved the approach of this session as it focused on happiness and wellbeing as opposed to the negative focus that some mental health awareness sessions can sometimes have. The session was engaging, interactive and informal and had a high impact on the participants. We really appreciated that Dr. Rowe spent some time at the end speaking with employees 1.1 to answer their questions personally. The feedback was so strong that we have invited Dr. Rowe to address the employees again as part of our 2016 Health at work program’.
Ibec Member Rate: €375
Ibec Non Member Rate: €425
Date: Venue: Time:
September 23, 2016
Ibec Offices, 84-86 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 9.30 am– 5.00 pm

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