What are you doing this year to improve the health and wellness of your employees? Here is an easy effective solution. A quarterly 8 page magazine on health and wellness, personalised to your organisation, written by Dr. Mark Rowe,

GP for the past 25 years, respected author on health and happiness, keynote speaker and leading advocate for Health and Wellbeing Wisdom in Ireland and abroad.

In developed countries, the portion of employers that now offer their employees access to stress-reduction programs of some kind stands at 35% and growing.

We’re all increasingly mindful of the importance of looking after yourself and your employees in these increasingly challenging corporate times. The equation is simple. Looking after your employees pays off. Wellbeing has migrated from marginal to mainstream, finally coming to be seen for what it is: the best way, indeed the only way, to maximise not just happiness and fulfilment of your employees but productivity, creativity and, yes, profit.
Through helping generate greater awareness & a more positive attitude towards workplace health and wellbeing, employers benefit from increased workplace productivity, savings on healthcare expenditure & an overall boost in company morale.

Companies like Google have invested in employee health & happiness driving out significant results. Remarkably, Employee Satisfaction has risen 37%.

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