I have developed an online wellbeing course which is available for individuals, workplaces and organisations. I developed this course in response to the ever increasing demand from corporate organisations I have worked with on their employee health and wellbeing strategies. The course is run on a user friendly platform which is mobile compatible so the course can be done at any time or place that suits.

If you or your organisation are interested in signing up for this on line course please e mail for information on pricing and the sign up process. I will schedule a phone call or Skype to discuss further. To learn more about the online course, please read the description below.

Do you want more energy & vitality?

Do you believe in self-leadership?
Are you someone who wants to build new habits, work & play at an extraordinary level?

Do you want to enhance your sense of inner happiness and fulfilment?

Perhaps you want to dream your dreams & sail the ocean of new possibilities; living more in alignment with your values & life purpose. Perhaps you simply want to achieve more of your potential in life.

And if you do then you’re not alone.

Far from it!

In fact with only 1 in 5 estimated to be living life close to their full potential, many people are simply searching for more purpose & meaning. Perhaps the performance pressures of modern life & always-on environment of relentless distraction play their part. The result – a tsunami of negative stress & burnout with clinical depression predicted to become one of the most common chronic health conditions in the near future.

So many people have simply become passive consumers of healthcare rather than active participants & leaders in their own wellbeing.

I have met many people who know what they could do or should do in terms of their wellbeing & simply don’t do it. Because truth is, it’s difficult to bridge what I call this ‘intention gap’ between who you are right now & a better version of you. Knowledge is not enough. It’s all about action, what you actually do.

It’s difficult to escape the default position of thinking, feeling and doing what you’ve always thought felt and done.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

What I’ve learned over more than 25 years working as a medical doctor is that every aspect of your wellbeing is connected.

Your mental health (I call this psychological fitness) impacts on your emotional wellbeing (inner happiness) as well as the quality of your relationships & that these all in turn impact on your physical health and vitality.

Underpinning all of these elements of your wellbeing is your sense of purpose, knowing that what you do & who you are matters.

New awareness & clarity enables you to change the way you look at things; in this way the things you look at will start to change. If you want to make sustainable improvements in your wellbeing, you need to be able to join the dots & appreciate how connected everything is.

This is the reason I have taken the time to develop this online course – ‘Leading With Wellbeing’.

Because I know how difficult making meaningful change can be. Because I understand how challenging it can be to escape the downward drag of mediocrity & to have the courage to do what it takes to become a better version of you. Because I appreciate how rewarding the gift of great health & inner contentment can be.

Leading With Wellbeing’ is comprised of leading edge science, medicine and psychological exercises to unlock your prescription for inner happiness & vitality. Real fulfilment & contentment is not an optional extra but a skill set that can be developed & cultivated, resulting in enhanced wellbeing & real resilience. Creating the neurobiology of elite executive performance & a biochemical blueprint for even more life success.

‘Leading With Wellbeing’ will support you in closing the gap between who you are right now & a better version of you. Less about revolution & more an evolution in your thinking, emotions & behaviours. Small steps, small 1% improvements, that over time add up to game changing results.

‘Leading With Wellbeing’ will enable

you to close your ‘intention gap’ & become more of the person you are capable of becoming.

‘Leading With Wellbeing‘ empowers you to move towards the idea of  ‘SELF-MASTERY’ using the following key principles.

S- Self Care Is Not Selfish Care. 

In fact taking good care of yourself is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to everyone else that matters in your life. As an indispensable human being, learning to prioritise yourself as well as others is not only your right, it’s your responsibility.

E- Enhanced Energy

Having abundant energy, the new currency in wellbeing vitality, allows you to think feel & be at your best, opening you up to new possibilities & projecting more positivity into the world.

L- Leadership In Your Own Wellbeing.

This is your choice & allows you to positively influence those people you care about in your family, friends & workplace. The power of social contagion implies that your inner happiness & emotional wellbeing spreads outwards to three degrees of separation, impacting your friends, their friends and even their friends. So by choosing to take better care of yourself, those people that matter to you also get to benefit.

F- Focussing On What Matters.

Bringing your focus to those things that matter most to you, free from the relentless noise of everyday distraction is a skillset that can be learned, cultivated & developed. This inner discipline gives you the real freedom & focus to be at your creative best. Peak performance through peak experience.

M – Mindset Of Optimal Psychological Fitness.

Focus on a strength based approach to building new habits & enhancing willpower.

A – Attitude Of Abundance & Appreciation. 

This allows you to realise that right here, right now in this moment, you have enough & you are enough. Turning the everyday moments in your life into lifelong memories of appreciation.

S- Stepping Stones Of Real Progress. 

Focussing your efforts on  a journey of progress, rather than a destination of perfection. One step at a time, day in & day out. Understanding that it’s all about action, what you choose to do, & that small incremental improvements over time can lead to amazing results.

T- Tenacity;  the power of guts, genuine graft & gritty persistence.

E- Everything Is Connected.

What you choose to think about & believe determines who you are & become.

R- Resilience & Realistic Optimism.

Understanding that things can improve through the power of your efforts. Using your experiences as an opportunity to become wiser, stronger & better. Turning setbacks, adversity & the inevitable disappointments of life into growth, meaning & connection.

Y – Your Choice AND Your  Responsibility. None of us can go back to the beginning & start again. But starting today you can create a brand new ending of exciting possibilities where your wellbeing becomes the starting point & not the finishing line for a life of success & real significance.

So if YOU want to

Think more clearly.

-Feel more positive & happier.

-Radiate more abundant energy & excitement in your life.

-Strengthen your relationships.

-Be more on purpose with a sense of passionate possibility.


Learn how to focus on your strengths, work on your willpower & build new habits.

– Learn the power of keeping a journal & setting goals consistent with your values.

– Learn how to cultivate the skills of inner happiness to benefit you & everyone around you. 

Then this ‘Leading With Wellbeing’ programme is for you!

Course Contents

‘Leading With Wellbeing‘ contains nine distinct lessons covering the following areas.

1.Psychological Fitness.

2.Purpose & Meaning.


4.Negative Emotion.

5.Positive Emotion.

6.Inner Happiness.

7.Goal Setting.

8.The Power Of Giving.

9.Physical Health.


 Bonus Material: The Powerful Benefits of Meditation including some free downloadable meditations for you to experience.

‘Leading With Wellbeing’ offers practical guidance to become more of a leader in your own wellbeing & offers a roadmap to real fulfilment. Leading With Wellbeing is activity-based and focused on experiential learning to equip you with practical tools to apply to your personal and working life. The key to this is YOU.

Each Lesson has components to facilitate individual learning styles including a video and workbook for each of the 9 lessons.

Reflective Learning

There is a workbook to accompany each lesson that allows an opportunity for reflection & to deepen & embed the learnings.

Interactive Elements

Throughout the course there are opportunities for engagement with me. The course is mobile compatible so the 9 videos and workbooks can be accessed ON YOUR MOBILE device at any time or place.

If you or your organisation are interested in signing up for this on line course please e mail for information on pricing and the sign up process. I will schedule a phone call or Skype to discuss further.