The word legacy reminds me of the rich potential that life contains.  An invitation to begin with the end in mind, to press the pause button and take time to reflect on the following questions:

How can you begin to make more of a difference in the lives of others?
How great might you be if you could learn how to silence your inner fears?
How can you become more of a leader in your own wellbeing?
How do you want to be remembered?

Legacy all starts with your thinking. What you choose to think about and feel influences who you are and who you become. The one thing you can change and control for certain is the attitude you bring to each and every day. Life is brief and precious, and it’s all about the little things – those small acts of kindness and appreciation, the small 1% wins, .. all the choices, habits and actions that add up to make you the person you are today, and the person you will become tomorrow.
It’s not possible to go back to the start and begin again ..but it is possible to start now today and create a brand new ending … a legacy that endures.